Design Update: Playtesting Threat Tracks

Quick update on Threat Tracks; they are definitely in. Am re-working content to integrate the change properly.

So far:

  • both tutorial quests are re-mastered and play-tested with threat tracks; in general this means no peril cards at all and a chance to practice moving the tracker along ahead of more complex quests
  • tutorial 2 has evolved a bit; its highly variable ie. generates very different outcomes each playthrough. Haven’t decided if this works well or not as a Tutorial – either way, its a fun little quest that sets up a cute “flash back”, adding a bit of colour to the lore you encounter later in the game
  • all other quests have tracks in place and are being tested; one outcome being the removal of the “standard/core” peril cards that were mixed into all peril decks. Quests with Peril cards now have 9 peril encounters a piece.
  • updates to both quest and threat card templates; the graphic design changes make subtle improvements to the general layout of the cards, and make room for a nice threat track region on the threat deck.
  • am already halfway through the rules updates for this change, and a bunch of other rule clarifications arising from playtesting… rulebooks are hard. It is known.

Examples of Quest card template changes: