Half-Giant Gorm the Rabble Rouser and his friend Connor, the Vagabond Highlander dine out

“I cannot remain in the city while the dead walk free in the Runecrest Valley, my giant friend. I go where the wind wills.

“That’s what worries me. I feel an ill wind brewing,” Gorm mumbled as he drained another bowl of Halfling Chicken Chili Chowder. “Someone get me a drink!

Our heroes set forth from the elven stronghold of Fain’hil for less refined company. A Days ride from the city gates and they are set upon by roving bands of the walking dead. Only the sheer strength of the half-giant allows them to break free, tumbling over a cliff to escape the undead horde. Injured and maimed they push on towards the Shrine of Good Fortune.

Cursed by circumstance they struggle to survive in the wilderness. Breaking bread with a giant leaves everyone hungry; our duo eats spiders and other unsavoury creatures just to stay alive. And then it starts to rain.

The rain never stops, the rivers rise and the floods come. Gorm bears aloft his life long friend, saving his broken body from the raging waters. “You will not take him!”

The vagabond’s sword acts as a lightening rod, summoning the Storm Elemental. The Highlander (there can only be one) barely survives the onslaught, his charred and broken limbs limp by his side.

The heroes “hodor it” back to civilisation but the cities are gone. Apparently some mad necromancer has been having his way with the living. Who knew?

Grief wracks the mighty rabble rouser and he falls to his knees, finally broken. The last of the halfling chowder has gone rotten with mold.

"You know I’m pretty sure the chowder was made by halflings not made with halflings,” whispered the Vagabond.

“Really? But they taste so good.”


Possibly the worse run of Circumstance cards I’ve ever seen. A hex roll brought on the Injury/Maimed double act, and a series of desperate efforts to keep from starving in the wilds gave rise to more afflictions and the perversity of nature.

Couple that with a lousy set of Quest lines, Power Up starvation and a fast moving Dead King it was a relatively short play through.

Actually a lot of fun just trying to survive and discovering how much bad luck could befall the party. Made it to the final confrontation, but no combat necessary. The heroes just succumbed to the inevitability of it all :wink:

PS. Core Box VotDK and Expansion