[WIP] The Ziggurat; a solo fantasy adventure [IDEA PHASE]

Game Overview

The Ziggurat is a solo dungeon crawler with a 60-90 min playtime. Featuring an emergent narrative of sword and sorcery pulp fiction guided by a choice of Hero and Epic Quest. Simple dice combat and skill check mechanics combined with card play provides for an interesting decision space.

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The Quest defines the escapade, variations in setup, and your Hero’s final objective. Randomised dungeon regions, denizens, loot and encounters create a rogue-lite experience and vast variability for each playthrough.

In all, a vainglorious effort to touch on the nostalgia of childhood daydreams where the likes of Elric, Conan and the Grey Mouser walked the decadent environs of the Dying Earth.

Development Stage

While I’m way past the concept and idea phase, i’m still trying out a few ideas and balancing the game play with a bunch of local playtesting. If you are adverse to printing and making cards, you might want to wait until there is less volatility in their content. I’m close to a fun prototype.

The Basics

Player Count: 1 (True Solo)
Playtime: 60-90 minutes
Age: 14+ (Content can involve gruesome death, and some adult themes)


A lot of cards (~120)… working on a PnP export
Token sheet WIP
Dice 2D8 and 1D6; for skill checks
5D6 or health tokens for tracking damage
1 Meeple or Miniature


  • Solo Game
  • Card Actions
  • Dice Rolling
  • Dungeon Hex Crawl

How Does It Play?

Need to give a quick overview of how it plays


Link to Rulebook will go here

Printable Assets

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Background Theme

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